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Welcome! It's a new year, so why the hell not a new website where you can stay up on all things Gaylordian?! Woo-Hoo! We here at GPM Headquarters really hope you enjoy clickin' around this thing and come back frequently for a gander. Our promise to you is to keep the silence on our blog to a minimum even if we're just posting a dumb picture of something that defies reality. And, since we're on the subject of silence, please forgive our static on social media these past few months as Mr. Edmonton's been a little busy during the holiday season, frequenting every disgusting X-MAS sweater party he could find on Craigslist while steady guzzling egg nog cocktails and doing cheeseburger curls. Wild times! Go ahead and rest assured though cuz he's back at the helm of this party barge ready to drop lots of new and amazing music on you for 2017! Stay tuned for the deetst! OUT!