The result of Poor Things’ sonic union is a two-harmony, multi-instrumental duo perfecting fuzzy pop sounds...
— Do The Bay

Scott Huerta (French Cassettes, Tino Drima) and Taylor Vick (boy scouts) are together known as the bedroom-soft-rockin'-power-duo Poor Things. Originally from California’s Central Valley, they’ve called San Francisco home for half a decade. The band has a rich history, but when quizzed about where and when they met, their stories didn't match up. All they can recall about the early days is that they began with a mid-teen friendship. And, when they weren’t together, their main form of communication was in QWERTY fashion on their parents’ dial up computers. However, when they found themselves in the same room they’d write song after song over plate after plate of homemade nachos. It seemed to be the only working formula. Demos were eventually recorded then quietly put on an external hard drive and stored away. After that, as far as they knew, Poor Things was over claiming the songs they made were ‘just silly’ and all for ‘fun’. 

Years later they received a random email from a guy they knew named Greg who now insisted he be called Gaylord. Greg was now running a tape-only label outta Oakland named Gaylord’s Party Music and he wanted Poor Things to reunite so he could release those nacho songs on cassette. Coming from a carpeted community in a small town, Tay and Scott always dreamed of the day they’d again have a reason to record, but this time, using the good wood in their San Francisco bedroom. So, they ordered a $100 USB mic and reworked parts for the old hard drive jams to create the 2-thumbed, 6-song, audible good time that is their new EP ‘Bad Cursive’. The result of their sonic reunion sounds like a 2-harmony duo borrowed a bunch of instruments from their friends and pretended to be a 5-piece fuzz pop band while they recorded in their apartment, for 17 glorious minutes.