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Another Dope Ass Party Featuring Spooky Mansion, Tino Drima, Salacious Wizard Cult

Gaylord’s bringin’ ANOTHER DOPE ASS PARTY to Modesto for those of ya’ll that love to get it on! This show’ll be a continuation of the fog-drenched tape release festivities for SF’s notorious surf (hop) rock wrecking crew AKA Spooky Mansion! Copies of their new EP ‘I’m the Moon, You’re The Wave (so plz change with me)’ will be doing their best impression of hot cakes at the merch table so make sure you get your a$$ to the jam early so yours hands don’t end up empty like Trump’s heart. As if those pyrotechnics weren’t enough to make you moan with pleasure, we also got the Bay’s psych doo-wop hell crooners Tino Drima and the Central Valley’s sick-like-that lords of beat Salacious Wizard Cult bringin’ the bonfire to the stage! Do you want more?! WE GOT YOU!

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to Mar 12

PARTY & FRIENDSHIP Featuring Spooky Mansion (Tape Release), Roselit Bone, The Saxophones

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This right here is the inaugural co-present party with our homie label Friendship Fever! This jam'll also be doubling as a dope tape release celebration for our boys Spooky Mansion! Gaylord and the good folks at FF are calling this gathering PARTY & FRIENDSHIP cuz those things go together perfect like black forest ham and swiss cheese. To round shit out we got Roselit Bone all the way down from PDX and Oaktown's The Saxophones who'll both be lightin' up the night like Aurora Borealis! $5 gets you in. Helluva deal! Get on out and help us get it on!


Spooky Mansion has been coming up in the SF scene for the last two years. They released their first EP in January 2016 to great press from NPR (KQED), and were featured on IndieShuffle, and Birp among others. They played Noise Pop 2016 with Cayucas and this past summer played the Noise Pop 20th Street Block Party in August with Miami Horror and Chicano Batman. The music has been described as 'The Rolling Stones at the beach' and they describe their genre as Surf Soul Rock n Roll. Their latest release, A Space God Appears, featured a vinyl single, and a short film. They are known in certain circles because of their affiliation with actor Owen Wilson, and an infamous story of them playing his birthday party one year.


Formed in Portland, Oregon in 2011 by Joshua McCaslin and Ben Dahmes, Roselit Bone has since expanded into a 9-piece — featuring pedal steel, trumpets, flute, accordion — that combines the visceral, haunting songwriting and energy of roots-driven post-punk bands (e.g., the Gun Club and the Birthday Party) with elements of Mexican ranchera, mid-century singing cowboys, and spaghetti western soundtracks


Alexi Erenkov's duo, The Saxophones, create beautiful and personal music. Accompanied by his wife, Alison, on percussion and samplers, they blend the darkness and melancholy of 1950s balladry with minimalistic woodwind arrangements to create a sound that hearkens to the past while affirming its place in the present.  

The Saxophones live in Oakland, California.


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